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The latest and most important dental cosmetic techniques are available at our center for a perfect smile at low prices and is one of the most important reasons for the growing desire for dental treatment where the cost of cosmetic dentistry is often less than half the cost of most of the countries that come from medical tourism

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The most important characteristic of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey is the quality of medical techniques and cadres such as Europe, despite the low cost of them. The Turkish aesthetic dental Ce has more than 30 years of experience in the field of dental treatment in Turkey.

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Patients who request the service from our center have the right to the highest level of examination, diagnosis, treatment and improvement opportunities regardless of their thought and social characteristics. We provide high quality healthcare and achieve the best international standards for patient safety

Turkish aesthetic dental in Istanbul

Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey is well known as a quality, price and destination to get a beautiful smile at an affordable cost and Turkey has long been a destination for medical tourism to many countries, and recently also became a destination for other countries such as America, Australia and more Arab countries where has become the best choice for many who are looking for Medical services in general, including dental beauty services, especially Hollywood smile and dental implants.

Until now we did +3600 Hollywood Smile +8000 Implanted dental +40 Doctor  & Specialist +10 years of experience

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Dental implants

With the adoption of the Turkish Ministry of Health and 100% assured guarantees by doctors certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health and with surety guarantees.

Teeth whitening

You can get the best teeth whitening in Turkey at the best prices, based on the latest technology and advanced techniques through the center turkishaestheticdental.

Bridges and Orthodontics

We have a team of internationally licensed orthodontists who have deep experience in orthodontic solutions.

Dental fillings

Turkishaestheticdental Dental Center offers the best service in this matter where the center has the best and the latest types of fillings and are using the latest equipment.

Important information

Ask your doctor

Hollywood Smile does not identify without seeing the case and diagnosis by us, if you are in Turkey you can come and see the doctor and make an x-ray image in our center for free and in some cases we need a tomography if the condition of the jawbone is not good and in the case of the possibility of making implants, So it’s always good to come for a preview. For people residing outside Turkey, sending dental and x-ray images is sufficient to obtain a diagnosis and price quotation.

Veneer Teeth, or so-called contact lenses, is a purely cosmetic procedure designed to improve the appearance of teeth to get a beautiful and attractive smile. Veneer is not one of the techniques of teeth whitening, but is a cosmetic veneer made from bright white ceramic materials in specialized laboratories in specific sizes vary from person to person, it is glued to the teeth from the outside to treat some problems related to the beauty of the teeth.

The duration varies from person to person depending on the condition of the teeth but if we assume the condition of the teeth and jaw bones and gums is good we can say that the duration of one week is enough.

All the raw materials we use in crowns and lenses are 100% German made of Zirconium veneer and Luminaire. You can confirm this through the guarantee certificate that we will give you from the parent company.

Our use of world-class brands and our experienced crews enables us to give you a lifetime warranty on implants against decay or fall.

We have different brands for German BEGO implants, we have the NOBEL implant known for its high quality and we also have the Swiss brand.

The bone healing between the implant and the jaw bones depends entirely on the cleanliness of the wound, the method of bone drilling and the quality of the implant itself. Dental implants are made of titanium and the external shape of the implant is composed of numerous spiral coils coated with a layer of calcium and cortisone and antibiotics that accelerate the healing process between the implant and the jawbone.

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