Amazing innovation may record the end of dental fillings!

Amazing innovation may record the end of dental fillings!

Researchers have devised a new substance that can help people regenerate their tooth enamel naturally, which could save them from the nightmare of a frequent visit to the dentist.

When people eat too much sugar, they have holes in their teeth where the outer enamel casing is eroded, prompting them to visit a dentist covering the hole (or caries) using a filling, which could lead to a potential infection or need to be changed after several years.

Calcium phosphate
For more than a decade, researchers have been trying to replace fillings by re-developing tooth enamel by providing them with calcium phosphate. But the problem is that the new enamel did not have a correct structure, and therefore was very weak.

But researchers have now used very small groups of calcium phosphate, which turn into solid enamel within hours.

“The newly developed enamel has the same structure and mechanical properties similar to the original enamel,” said Dr. Zhaoming Liu, co-author of the study from Zhejiang University in China. “We hope to achieve tooth enamel growth without the use of fillings containing completely different materials. To people within one to two years. ”

Professor Damien Wesley, Scientific Advisor, British Dental Association, said: “Dental re-development is the ‘holy grail’ of dentistry. We would like to see the end of the fillings nightmare, although this is the beginning of the journey and we still have a long way to go.”

The Chinese researchers’ study, published in the journal Science Advances, is not the first of its kind in the field of enamel regeneration using artificial calcium phosphate – the main ingredient in human teeth and bones.

Previously, Professor Alvaro Mata worked to re-enlarge the tooth enamel and try it in the laboratory, hoping to do experiments in humans in three or four years.

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