Hollywood smile .. waiting for you in Istanbul

Hollywood smile .. waiting for you in Istanbul

A new global station for the most beautiful smile, with the city of Istanbul to become a center of attraction in medical tourism, in addition to the reception of regular tourism, and with cosmetic teeth are now receiving visitors with a “Hollywood smile.”

Istanbul’s unique location around the world, just 4 hours from one and a half billion people, with many advantages Turkey enjoys, turning it into a kiss in medical tourism, from medical treatment to hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery, and even cosmetic dentistry.

Advantages have made Turkey a strong attraction
Among the most prominent features that have transformed Turkey to the center of attraction, modern technologies, advanced specialized centers, trained cadres, European specifications, and appropriate prices with all segments.

Geographic location, easy access to visas, common history, a common culture with the Arab world, and possibilities and incentives are provided. Language and mobility are no longer a barrier, but regular tourism is integrated with medicine.

Dental implants, dental implants with different options, as well as medications and treatments, have emerged recently, ending with the Hollywood smile that has recently spread and is accepted by foreign tourists.

Most of the medical centers and companies provide great privileges for expatriates for the purpose of medical tourism and cosmetic dentistry, such as accommodation, translation and transportation, in addition to the mastery of dentists to the Arabic language.

“Dental treatment in Europe is expensive, and my friends came to a dental center in the city. The result was good, they were happy and the prices were good,” says Abir Hammoud, a Lebanese of Palestinian origin, on her first visit to Istanbul to treat her teeth.

“I have dental problems, so I decided to come to Turkey, and the situation is right now.”

“I will be wearing a zircon, 9 teeth, I have infections to be treated, several cosmetic fillings, and I will come back after three months to complete the rest of the teeth,” she said.

She commended the experience by saying: “Services in Istanbul are easy, and the Turkish people hospitable, and the dentist speaks Arabic, all the features you will not find elsewhere, besides the right price.”

Afghan trader Habib Ilyas, who is in the treatment phase before the transition to beauty, says: “The quality is distinct in Turkey, and I did not find it in any other country, and I was happy that the treatment here is without any pain, and I did not find any problem later in eating.”

As for the types of cosmetic dentistry offered in Turkey, the services provided are Hollywood Smile, a specific bright whiteness, with a specific shape, selected according to the patient and his desire.

There are also dental coating of the types of Zergon and Emax, which are beautiful and distinctive and there are types of ceramics and porcelain, in addition to dental implants

Increase in the number of arrivals to Turkey
According to medical expert Ayman Sakli, who works in the field of medical tourism, the number of arrivals has increased in recent years; in 2018, 500 thousand patients visited Turkey, with revenues amounted to about $ 2 billion, according to the Ministry of Health.

He adds that this is due to several advantages, including high quality, European standards in health centers, cultural and historical heritage shared with the Arab world, as well as low price, techniques used, and geographical location.

As for the advantages of foreign tourists in general, and the Arab in particular in medical services, he said: “For the Arab tourist most of the major health centers and hospitals, which have offices that care for foreign patients, such as the Office of International Patients.”

He added: “There are specialized translators to follow up the matters of patients, and medical tourism companies interested in receiving them from the airport to the hotel, including the health center, and return them to the airport.”

On cosmetic dentistry, he said: “Turkey has for several years witnessed a boom in hair transplantation, which is the first in the world, and in the last two years began to achieve dentistry to achieve a rise, through agriculture, cosmetics and bleach, and Hollywood smile, and attention.”

He pointed out that “nearly 48 health complexes in Turkey, are compliant with the standards (GCI) international known for the quality of health services, in addition to the presence of 240 facilities for treatment of mineral water, scattered in the country, with the availability of the latest technologies in the world, and the best the prices”.

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