Dental treatment and restoration

Dental treatment and restoration

Restoration of broken teeth is no longer as difficult as it has been for several years, in addition to the natural results and low costs in dental restoration and repair, but the first and most important step to reach natural results is a good choice for the doctor or treatment center

Reasons for dental restoration

Restoring teeth can help promote healthy teeth, as filling the empty areas of the mouth can help fill gaps that are the subject of bacteria growth. The missing teeth also put extra pressure on the remaining natural teeth because there is not enough room to chew the teeth. Dental restoration options are multiple, and the decision depends on several factors including physical factors, the condition of your teeth and your overall health.

How can teeth be restored?

Tooth restoration is carried out in a number of ways, the most important of which are dental fillings aimed at repairing damaged teeth, which have been damaged as a result of gradual erosion in the outer layers of teeth - enamel, ivory, and mortar. The last stage involves filling the tooth with a special substance.

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